Our church quilt (pictured below, and now found in the parish hall) was created back in 2002 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the church, by a group of very talented women in our parish.  Each square was created to describe benchmark moments in time for the First Congregational Church of East Windsor.  Contributing hands were : Dee Stathers, Shirley Machesney, Gladys George, Irene Clifton, Marion Weber, Marion Hambleton, Edith Frances, Marilyn Butenkoff, Eileen Venditti, Sharon Francis, Pat Beal, Joan Tyrer.  The quilt was designed by Dee Stathers.  In 2013, Kevin Kita designed and fabricated a beautiful wooden encasement for the quilt to protect it.  Please find the quilt 'storyboard' in the images below!