Sunday School helps children respect, appreciate and utilize the Bible. Reverence for God’s written word doesn’t come naturally. A healthy Sunday classroom environment, centered around the Bible, will elevate its importance in a child’s life. Sunday School teachers don’t just teach Bible stories, they show a child how to utilize the concordance and give a basic understanding of the Bible’s books and overall format. Sunday School gives children a chance to ask questions. Sunday Schools are like plant nurseries, they may look unimpressive at first, but under the soil, miracles are happening.

Sunday School for the 2015/2016 year began on Sept.20th.
Our Pre-school to 2nd grade teachers are: Megan Ellsworth, Marci Stiles and Betsy Ferlano.
Our 3rd-5th grade teachers are: Diane Fredette, Lydia Schortman and Angie Lincoln.

We are currently using the Kid’s Sunday School curriculum,  which has worked for all classes the last two years. This curriculum was found online, and the details of which can be found on our curriculum page> Sunday School Curiculum

Confirmation class will be held by Pastor Tom and Anne Stucklen. The first Sunday of the month the children will be upstairs until after communion. The 3rd Sunday of the month they will be upstairs until after Children’s story.

Diane Fredette- C.E. Director