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The First Congregational Church of East Windsor was organized in 1752. On June 25th, 1752, at a legally-warned meeting to organize an Ecclesiastical Society in John Prior’s house, Captain John Ellsworth was elected the first moderator. In 1754, the first meeting house was erected and, in 1802, it burned.

The present building was erected in 1802 and a small parsonage was also erected which later served as a stagecoach tavern. The steeple clock was built in 1810 by George Holbrook of Brookfield, Massachusetts. The clock, still functioning, is powered by two stone weights, one for striking the time, and the other for moving the hands. In 1842, the church building was divided into upper (sanctuary) and lower levels.

The chandeliers and wall lamps were installed in 1880 and the baptismal font was a donation, as were the pulpit chairs, in 1895. The original pipe organ was installed in 1895, and replaced in 1991 by a Rodgers electronic organ. Our present Parish Hall was erected in 1915. On December 5th, 1947, Our church was officially incorporated; on January 30th, 1947 the Ecclesiastical Society was dissolved. In 1956, the pulpit Bible was donated, and the sanctuary cross was donated in 1959. The new addition to the Parish Hall was constructed in 1960 and the classrooms completed in 1969.

In 1977, the 225th Anniversary of the church was celebrated and a plaque commemorating the names of former pastors was dedicated. The Five Corner Cupboard mission was begun circa 1980. Major renovations of the face, numbers and the hands of the tower clock took place in 2001.

In 2002, a new plaque was dedicated and the 250th Anniversary Celebration, bringing the names of Pastors who have served our church up to date. In total, twenty-two installed Pastors have served this church. As our history continues, we celebrate our current Pastor, the Rev. Dr. Thomas V. Calderone!

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